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     Advanced International Forum on Ecological Security of Poyang Lake (AIFESPYL)” will be held between August 27-30, 2016 in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. The central theme of the conference is ecological security of the Poyang Lake Environments, in particular the associated ecological security issues of water, wetland and natural and human-induced environmental impacts. The forum will include conference presentations/panel discussions (August 27-28 in Nanchang) and field trip to Poyang Lake and the surrounding areas (August 29-30) . In addition, a field excursions will be organized so as to provide participants a chance to appreciate some of the unique natural features and cultural traditions around Nanchang.

     Poyang Lake is the largest fresh water lake located in the north of Jiangxi province in China. It is a complete basin convergencing the Ganjiang River, Fuhe River, Xinjiang River, and Xiushui five river inflow, the border of which is highly consistent with Jiangxi Province administrative boundary. in a word, it is a rare ideal place to carry out multidisciplinary research on the relationship between “human and land”. The water level of the Poyang Lake changes highly dynamic and seasonally, and the complex stimulation regimen relationship with the Yangtze River formed a unique freshwater lake wetland ecosystem and landscape which likes the "a flood in high water or a line in low water“.Meanwhile, Wetland in Poyang Lake is an important wetland and habitat for migratory birds in the world.the complex water relationship with Yangzi River make poyang lake unsubstitutable in aspects of flood adjustment, shipping, city water supply, maintenance of biological diversity, and so on.

     AIFESPYL is to provide a forum for the related researchers, educators, engineers and government officials to share their latest research results and exchange views. On behalf of the organizing committee, I have the great honor to invite you take part in conference.


MEI Guoping    WANG Yeqiao

Chairmen of Organizing Committee 

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